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American Array Solar & Roofing is a world class organization committed to the green power and home efficiency revolution.

We are committed to Renewable Energy and Eliminating Fossil Fuel Emissions.With a combined 30-years of experience in Roofing and Solar, American Array is where passion and experience unite.

Our experience in the industry makes the transition to solar for homeowners and business owners seamless, helping them save their hard-earned dollars while making a global difference, one watt at a time.

Certified Solar Solutions Provider in California

Residential & Commercial Solar Solutions, That Help Save You Money and Protect The Environment.

Customer Feedback

Terrell T., Everett, WA

AMERICAN Array Solar made this a no brainer solution, Ahmad was extremely friendly, and felt like a true friend helping another out. He shared his personal experiences and knowledge about the company, which made it a really easy decision. Thank you Ahmad and American Array Solar Team. If your looking for Solar System, this should be a place to start, that you will most likely end at.

Mae Y., Fairfield, CA

Ahmad's customer service is outstanding. He has gone above and beyond with throughly providing explanations regarding the whole entire process. Any questions I had were met with exceptional "every day person talk" and left me with a very good understanding of what will be completed at my home. I highly recommend this company for your solar needs.

Medina m., Manteca, CA

I have recently gotten my solar done through American Array. Great company to do business with, all the work was done as informed and planned. I was very pleased with the customer service as well. Overall I would highly recommend American Array to anyone looking for solar.

Laura M., Madera, CA

American Array Solar!! If your looking for a way to save money and that is credible.. This is the company that will fit best for you. I am very happy that I am saving money now and not worrying about turning off the air conditioner or heater because the panels cover it. Don't be afraid get a quote now.

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